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Class 42

Class 42 - 1970The Class 42 models had been in production long before Hornby started to market the UK Minitrix Models.  The image on the right is a replica of the entry in the 1970/71 Trix catalogue showing models number 2035 ‘Vanguard’ and 2034 ‘Spartan’.  Whether or not these models were actually produced I do not know.  The early appearance of a model in the catalogue did not always mean that the same model would end up in production.

The BR Blue Class 42 first appears as a new item in the Jan 1974 Hornby Minitrix Catalogue.  N206, is shown ‘Eclipse’ in the catalogue, but it was ‘Hermes’ that went on sale for £10.95  Whether or not an early  run of ‘Eclipse’ was made, I do not know.

The Green N208 is listed as a new model for Spring in the 1979 Hornby Minitrix Price List at £19.25 and is shown as a photograph as a new item in the (undated) Trix catalogue which was available at the same time.  Hornby seem to have always marketed this as ‘Intrepid’.

There are a number of variations of these models around.  Some are probably genuine variations of the pre-Hornby and early Hornby era; some are home produced modifications and re-painted and re-numbered from an original.  They are rarely named in price lists and (it seems) wrongly named in many catalogues.  It is hard to tell which ones are the genuine article.