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Class 27


The Class 27 Locos were listed in the Minitrix Catalogue in 1969, long before Hornby started to market the green version D5379 in 1974 as Hornby N204.

It is a brilliant little engine, very weighty, and all 8 wheels are driven. In spite of the fact that it has no traction tyres, it is easily the most capable of pulling heavy loads that I have in my collection.

Dismantling it, it is well built, is easily repaired and fitting a DCC chip should be a doddle. The two bogies are powered from either end of the motor by a worm drive. Although the gears to the driving wheels are brass, the one that connects to the worm gear is plastic, and I would guess, could break if someone tried to push the engine around the track while pressing down hard.

It seems to be not particularly popular as by modern standards it is out of scale.  N Gauge track is 9mm which represents the 56.5 inch width of UK tracks – a scale of 1:160.  But these early locos were built to accommodate the motors of the time and based on the wider continental chassis – resulting in scale of 1:148.

It doesn’t matter much, until you put them next to their modern counterparts.  They seem to be massive – but they are a superb toy train.  Very robust, very fast, very reliable and well capable of taking even the tightest Peco and even tighter Minitrix curves and points at some speed.

A British Rail Blue version of the model was introduced by Minitrix around the same time (1970) as the green model.  However, it didn’t appear in the Hornby Minitrix Catalogues until 1980, when N212 sporting cab number 27014 was introduced as a new model !  The Minitrix model number was 51-2969-00.


Class 27 Blue Bo-Bo 27014 51-2969-00 1980 1970