The Diesel Locos

DieselsMinitrix produced at least 8 diesel locos, covering 3 distinct classes – The 27s, 42s and 47s – all represented in the picture above.  Some of these were already in production when Hornby started to supply the UK market in 1973.

The class 27 was one of these early locos and was the mainstay of the early N102 Hornby Minitrix train set for many years. The diesel is solid, heavy, has 8 wheel drive and runs ridiculously fast. It is also slightly over scale but is an excellent toy train.

The two class 42 ‘Warship’ class locos are typically named ‘Hermes’ and ‘Intrepid’, but other names crop up from time to time. The diffculty is knowing which models are resprayed and renumbered versions, and which are the genuine early style models.  Varieties of these locos appear in Trix catalogues from 1970 – 3 years before Hornby had any influence on the UK model production.

The ones in the photo have been salvaged from a very bad repaint job, stripped to bare plastic and re-painted. Yes I know. It’s hard to tell, isn’t it?

The Class 47s were introduced under Hornby in 1982 – ‘The County of Norfolk’, with a variation for the Queen Mother’s Jubilee produced in 1983. Subsequently Minitrix produced two more variations – a Railfreight and a ScotRail Intercity model.

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