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Ivatt 2-6-2

An excellent little loco which first made its appearance as a new model in the Hornby Minitrix catalogue of January 1974 as N205.  The Trix number is 51-2040-00.  It seems to take much of its design from the 2-6-0 Ivatt model with tender which was announced in the January catalogue of 1973 – a year earlier.  Many of the components are identical, although there is an obvious difference in the chassis.

The model is driven by all 6 main wheels, and has electrical pickup 4 – The negative side uses the left rear bogie and all 3 left drive wheels; the positive side uses the right front bogie and all 3 right drive wheels. There are no traction tyres, but it doesn’t seem to need them, the body is well weighted and it will haul a substantial train up a reasonable incline.

These little engines run quietly and smoothly if well looked after, although I have had a bad run with motors overheating.  Whether this is bad luck, my use of the Minitrix pulsed EMF controller, or running with a Hornby Digital Elite DCC controller in DC mode, I don’t know.  Maybe the motors were on their way out anyway.