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The Mallard – N211 – was the first 4-6-2 locomotive to be introduced into the Hornby Minitrix range since the Britannia, which was already in production before Hornby began marketing.  It has different gearing and my version is able to travel at greater speeds than my Britannia.  The model above is a post-Hornby version and the paintwork is a much nicer, darker green than the paler colour that adorns the Hornby version that I bought new in 1980.

After 30 years of a repeated cycle of being played with and then being put away for storage in the loft, it developed a very serious wobble.  I tried a few time to fix it without taking everything apart.  More recently I decided it was time to take the Mallard by the Wings and really sort it out.  I took photos.  Then I documented it for others to see.  And that was the beginning of this website.