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The Minitrix Britannia was produced around 1970 – before the Hornby years.  Britannia was the only 4-6-2 loco to appear in the first Hornby Catalogue in 1973.  N203 stayed in this form until at least 1980 when Mallard was introduced with a similar design, but essentially different gearing – presumably to make the Mallard run faster.  Eventually the Britannia and Boadicea would adopt the same chassis and gearing.  See the Boadicea front page for an image of the later Britannia.

Note on this model the smaller solid disc front bogies, and the metal crankpin on the centre driving wheel.  One of the failings of the later models was the introduction of a plastic crankpin.  37 years on, the plastic is rather fragile and this component more than any is the one that breaks.  The early Britannia, however, has no such problems and the valve gear can usually be relied upon to have remained intact.  Unfortunately, the centre wheel on the early and later 4-6-2 models are not the same – the hole for the crankpin in the later models is square to accommodate the plastic square peg crankpin.  The earlier models have a round hole for the splined crankpin.