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Boadicea is a member of the 7P6F class of steam locomotives.  This later Minitrix incarnation adopted the chassis and wheel set of the 1980 Mallard.

Ok – so this is a picture of the later Britannia – but I don’t have one of Boadicea, and the later version of the Britannia is identical to Boadicea in every respect except the number and the name plate.  The Britannia was updated from the early 1970 pre-Hornby model and adopted the same chassis, gearing and wheels as the 1980 Mallard.  Boadicea came out a few years later – I estimate around 1985, but catalogues around that period are scarce, so I cannot be sure.  Note the spoked front bogies, the grey plastic crankpin on the centre wheel, and (typically), the more accurate darker green paint.  It is possible that not all of the modifications were introduced at the same time.

All of the 4-6-2 models (even the early Britannia) are very similar in construction, so the notes on disassembly and reassembly are common to all of them.  The tenders are different.  The 4 axle tender is provided on the A3s and A4s and the Britannias have 3 wheel tender which is essentially the same structure as the one used on the 9Fs, and similar to the tender used on the Ivatt 2-6-0.

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