The 4-6-2 Locos

Minitrix produced 6 versions of the UK 4-6-2 steam locos.  Two Britannia Class, 2 types of A4 loco including Mallard, and 2 liveries of the Flying Scotsman.

britanniaold boadicea

mallard gresley

scotsman scotsman4472
1st Row : Britannia Class – Early Britannia and the later Bodicea. 2nd Row Mallard and Sir Nigel Gresley.  3rd Row: The Flying Scotsman in two different liveries.

A 7th model, not shown above is a later variety of Britannia – identical to the Boadicea, shown on the 1st row.

All of the 4-6-2 models use the same motor, and with the exception of the early Britannia, share the same chassis and physical wheel design.  The early Britannia – which is the most common – has a slightly different chassis, the wheels accommodate a different metal crankpin on the centre wheel and I believe that the gearing is slightly different.  These early Britannias tend to last a long time with no fragile valve gear components to break, but wheels could be 10 years older than their later counterparts.

Because of the identical nature of most of these locos, I have documented only the Mallard, although loco specific information will undoubtedly creep in as time goes on.  The Britannia tender is the same as that used on the 9F and detailed information may be found there.

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