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You can leave a message on any of the main category pages – 4-6-2 Locos, 9F Locos, Class 2 Locos or Diesel Locos.  Or you can add a more general comment to the main page.

In order to do so, you will need to Log in with your account name and password.  If you don’t have one, then select the option to log-in anyway, and then select ‘Register’.

WordPress seems to have a bug – once registered, it tells you that an email will be sent.  Don’t bother waiting, in my experience, it never arrives !  Instead when you get the screen to enter your user name and password, tell it that you have lost your password, and enter your newly registered name.  The email with the link to change your password will be sent almost immediately.

Once logged in, you can add a comment.  At present I am testing this facility, so all messages will be moderated before appearing on the site.  This will normally happen on the same day.