Classic UK Minitrix Models

A Photographic Record of Repair and Maintenance of Some Classic UK Minitrix Model N-Gauge Locomotives.

Minitrix produced a range of around 20 UK Steam and Diesel N-gauge Locomotives from the early 1970s to the late 1980s.  Many were marketed by Hornby (from 1973), but a few later models were sold solely under the Minitrix brand name.  They were superbly engineered and although lacking the detail of their modern counterparts, they represent a pretty good impression of the real locomotives.  Good quality, pre-owned models still attract good prices at auctions.

These pages are notes from my determined attempts to get these working again and from a desire to collect more of these beautifully made classic models.  I have focused on the models starting from the Hornby era in 1973.

I have no links with the Trix or Minitrix company whose trade marks I respect.
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