Minitrix produced around 22 N gauge locomotives for the UK market between 1973 and 1988.  This site is my own photographic record of repair and maintenance.

Many of these models were marketed by Hornby under the Hornby Minitrix name, but a few later models were sold solely under the Minitrix brand name.  They were superbly engineered and although lacking the fine detail of their modern counterparts, they represent a pretty good impression of the real locomotives.  Good quality, pre-owned Minitrix models still attract good prices at auctions.

These pages are notes from my determined attempts to get my early Minitrix models working again and from a desire to collect more of these beautifully made classic models. What history I have been able to establish, remember or surmise, I have included within the notes for each individual loco.

An alternative version of this site is still maintained in its original format at


  1. andyt55

    I have been following your very useful instructions on how to fit a DCC decoder to my Minitrix Class 27 loco and I have a couple of queries.

    Firstly you do not mention it specifically but I assume I have to remove the two cables between the top and bottom boards.

    Secondly, my bottom board is not quite the same as yours, namely the side chassis copper tab connection (shown with a black circle on your diagram) and the motor tab connection (shown with a grey circle on your diagram) are connected by a surface strip of copper. I therefore assume that I need to cut this to insulate the two connectors.

    Can I send you a photo of my bottom board?


    1. jfheath

      Yes please Andy. I’ll take a look when i get back to a normal internet connection ! Email sent from my ‘thickphone’.

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