Classic UK Minitrix Models

A Photographic Record of Repair and Maintenance of Some Classic UK Minitrix Model N-Gauge Locomotives.

Minitrix produced a range of around 20 UK Steam and Diesel N-gauge Locomotives from the early 1970s to the late 1980s.  Many were marketed by Hornby (from 1973), but a few later models were sold solely under the Minitrix brand name.  They were superbly engineered and although lacking the detail of their modern counterparts, they represent a pretty good impression of the real locomotives.  Good quality, pre-owned models still attract good prices at auctions.

These pages are notes from my determined attempts to get these working again and from a desire to collect more of these beautifully made classic models.  I have focused on the models starting from the Hornby era in 1973.

I have no links with the Trix or Minitrix company whose trade marks I respect.
The pages pictures and text are copyright ©2011 and ©2012 JHeath.  They are free to view, but please do not re-use or embed the text or the photos without my permission.

The 4-6-2 Locomotives

Mallard, Sir Nigel Gresley, Britannia, Boadicea and Flying Scotsman in two different liveries.  A collection of excellent 4-6-2 Minitrix locos which share a very similar chassis.

The Mallard and Nigel Gresley A4 locos at the top were both marketed by Hornby Minitrix in the early 1980s  as N211 and N214 respectively.  The two Britannia 7P locos on the second line were also marketed by Hornby Minitrix – N203 with its smaller wheels and lower gearing appearing in the 1970s, the Boadicea, with its larger front bogeys appearing much later and seems to share the same chassis as the A4 and A3 locos.

Missing from this line-up are the two A3 Flying Scotsman models in BR green and in Apple green.   Neither were marketed by Hornby, and only ever appearing under the Minitrix brand in green/yellow lined plastic boxes in 1988.